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A Toolbox

Being curious, being willing to learn, having a sense of humour, enjoying a bit of chaos, willing to seek advice, not being easily offended and enjoying a good puzzle will enhance your appreciation of art.  As mentioned, exhibition catalogues are … Continue reading

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Context Is Important

The circular discussion/argument regarding content versus context is an important one from the perspective of the artist and the public.  For me the key to the appreciation of an artist’s work is understanding the context in which the piece was … Continue reading

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Where I’m Coming From

Reading a book I received this Christmas (Mumford on Modern Art in the 1930s) I noted with a smile that one of the “…landmark studies in the general history of art…” that gave Lewis Mumford his early inspiration was Helen … Continue reading

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Who I am

I’ve been told that I’m not your typical contemporary art enthusiast.  Contrary to popular belief, not all people who grew up in Saskatchewan are beer-swilling, puck-ducking, stubble-jumpers (although I qualify on all accounts).  Some of us survived the cold and … Continue reading

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