Who I am

I’ve been told that I’m not your typical contemporary art enthusiast.  Contrary to popular belief, not all people who grew up in Saskatchewan are beer-swilling, puck-ducking, stubble-jumpers (although I qualify on all accounts).  Some of us survived the cold and actually found satisfaction in the “arts”.

Indications of such a future interest may have been the fun I had copying cartoon comic characters as a grade-schooler, sneaking into a concert of The Champs (of the hit song “Tequila” fame) as a teenager, working on the University of Saskatchewan student newspaper and participating as a keener in the Greystone Theater production of “Riders to the Sea”.  Although my true engagement with “theater” was working part-time, during my university days, at Caswells Men’s Wear (The Store For Men).

Following graduation from the U of S in 1966 (French 101 x 6) I worked in Ethiopia (1967-69) and then moved to Toronto and began a 37 year career in the field of intergovernmental relations with an international focus.

Through my travels, I was given the rare opportunity to follow my interest in contemporary art visiting galleries and exhibitions outside of Canada.


About George

My long-time interest in Canadian and international contemporary art has led me to write and reflect on the artists I've met, the exhibitions that I've seen and the catalogues that I've read (I've been told I'm the only person that actually reads exhibition catalogues cover to cover). My interest began in the mid-1960's when I was searching for easy credits and I stumbled upon "Art Appreciation 101", and the rest, as they say, is history...
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One Response to Who I am

  1. John Hoskins says:

    Love it. You should check out my sons site. Check out http://www.ryanhoskinsart.com. If I could show you his recent piece that was in the Brown University Art Show I know you would love it. Warhol inspired he collected discarded beer cans from around the campus for weeks and then made a photo of them that is Campbells Soup inspired.

    I look forward to following your blog.


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